Plastic mould maker

Plastic mould maker

hot design plastic chair mould brings the profits to you


Plastic chairs are necessary furniture in everyday life. There are many different types of modern chairs, from shapes to materials, to modeling techniques. Chair injection molds are divided into armchairs, side chairs, children’s chairs, two-color injection chairs and gas-assisted chair molds. Gas assisted chairs are usually with modern look with a special material. As the gas-assisted chair mould has high processing technology and complicated structure, the mold price is much higher than the ordinary chair mold. Plastic chairs generally use PP (shrinkage rate normally 1.6) and calcium carbonate is sometimes added ( not more than 20%) to make the appearance look full and there is no microcosm. 90% of the chairs mold are side gates and hot runner with big gate. The ejection of chair mold normally uses ejector pins which eject from the reinforced rib. If use robot, then eject from the top. Auto drop then need flip it to the top.

Customers like to have several interchangeable back and seat insets. With the same mould, for example 3 back inserts and 2 seat inserts, 4 colors, customers can produce 24 different chairs. Micon plastic mould company can provide auto drop injection chair mold. Welcome to contact us if any need. 

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