Plastic mould maker

Plastic mould maker

  • chair mould maker

    2017-11-30chair mould maker

    The chair is one of the indispensable major furniture in our daily life, the most common are wooden chairs and plastic chairs. And the plastic chairs become the first choice for families and restaurants with its practicality and easy moving, Can be stacked to reduce space. Micon Mould have more t......

  • cap mould maker

    2017-11-30cap mould maker

    Micon Mould is one of the plastic cap mould manufacturer in China with decades of developing experience. We have already made many kinds of cap moulds, like mineral water cap mould, 3 or 5 gallon cap mould, flip top cap mould, inner cap mould and screw cap mould etc. For the cap mould, we want to......

  • plastic mould maker

    2017-11-30plastic mould maker

    Micon Plastic Mould offer comprehensive support services to our customers that will save them time and money. Product Development Speed to market is crucial to remaining competitive. By offering plastic product development services, Micon Mould can effectively reduce this time. These services ......

  • thin wall food container molds

    2017-11-03thin wall food container molds

    A number of plastics are used for food containers. food cups, and food packaging are mostly made of plastics. Quality control of food containers is necessary to ensure that they are hygienic and that they do not have any flash that can hurt fingers or lips so that people can feel safe about consumi......

  • plastic mould heat treatment

    2017-11-02plastic mould heat treatment

    Mould heat treatment is an important way for steel to enhance the hardness performance, which is generally carried out after the mould rough machining. After heat treatment then do finishing machining. But there is a risk during the process. The improper handling will cause the steel cracks easily a......

  • injection mould ejector bar water route

    2017-11-02injection mould ejector bar water route

    It is better if can custom ejector bar, but the processing cost is relatively high. Nowadays many moulds structure is used standard parts; the quality is at conventional level. If the gap between ejector bar and guide hole is too large, the leakage will occur; but if the gap too small, the mould tem......

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