Plastic mould maker

Plastic mould maker

plastic mould maker


Micon Plastic Mould offer comprehensive support services to our customers that will save them time and money.

Product Development

Speed to market is crucial to remaining competitive. By offering plastic product development services, Micon Mould can effectively reduce this time. These services include:
• 3 Dimensional Concept Models
• Product 2D & 3D Drawings
• Reverse Engineering
• 3D Printing
• Plastic Prototype
• Quality Control and Inspection
• Determination of QC Measurement
• Reduce Cycle Time
• Improve Part Quality•
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Mould Types and Quality Control

We offer:
Two plate system auto injection moulds
Three plate system auto injection moulds
Hot runner system and semi hot runner moulds
Cold runner system moulds
Hydraulic core pulling system moulds
Finger cam moulds
Hand injection moulds
Automatic blow moulds
Compression moulds
Plastic mould 2D and 3D design
Custom plastic injection molding

Quality being one of the prominent areas of our endeavor, we take utmost care in keeping our standard at par with international level. Our quality management system keeps the record of our various activities which enable us to maintain an optimum quality level.
Communicate with customer in depth to understand fully customers’ requirement.
Feasibility studying (Mould Flow Analysis, etc)
Assure the high quality design (2D&3D)
Strictly control manufacturing quality
Strict inspect of trial out sample
Strict Inspection in dimension and specification before shipment of mould

Mould Repair and Maintenance
We offers mould repair and refurbishment services for not only the moulds it has built, but for moulds built by other mould makers. Injection mould repairs can be costly. This means it is critically important for injection moulds to receive regular maintenance; this is simply the best way to protect your investment and maintain consistent production of quality plastic components.
Once a mould has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed. Different types of moulds age at different rates, so scheduling maintenance needs to be documented carefully. At Micon Mould, our knowledge of injection molding and mould building gives us the ability to determine the best mold maintenance schedule specific to each injection mould. We will work with your production team to thoroughly plan the problems solutions so the amount of down time is minimized.
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